Non-Medication Sleep Aids?!

Question: Non-Medication Sleep Aids.?
School starts for me in a week, and I am NOT a morning person.. To practice, I've been going to bed at 10:00 and waking up at 6:00, my ideal hours during school days..

But lately I've been noticing an on-off pattern that is messing me up:

The first day, I sleep fine for 8 hours..
The second day, because getting 8 hours of sleep is rare, I can't fall asleep at all, I end up getting 3-5 hours.. From 10-2 or longer I lay awake......
The third day, I'm exhausted, and I get 8 hours..
The fourth day, I get 3-5 hours again..

This pattern is driving me INSANE

This has been steadily happening for a week.. I can't nap during the day, and I really need to get myself into a routine..

So tonight is one of my 3-5 hour sleep days, and I want to find a sleep aid that doesn't involve medication.. What do you recommend I do to fall asleep faster.? I'm only 15, so my parents wont go for medication, but I seriously need help if I want to start school well..Health Question & Answer

Chamomile tea is very relaxing and may help.. An herb that helps for sleep as well is valerian, you kind find supplements of it in health food stores or vitamin aisles.. The tea brand Celestial Seasons make a tea called Sleepytime which is a chamomile and spearmint blend which may help and the same tea comes in a Wellness Formula which actually has valerian in it.. You can get that at most grocery stores or health food stores..
My boyfriend has mild insomnia and he sometime just take a Benedryl because it helps him sleep so you could try that just to jump start your sleep patterns but it's not quite as natural..Health Question & Answer

These pages tell how to get a good night's sleep:" rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">
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Melatonin.. It is produced by the brain.. You can purchase it over the counter at most drug stores..Health Question & Answer

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