Is there an ENT in the house?!

Question: Is there an ENT in the house.?
My nose hurts! But it's unlike any previous nose hurt. Left side, in the nostril, right smack in the middle between the tip and the bridge where you'd pinch to stop a nosebleed. But it really hurts when touched! And, if I press the painful spot it makes me sneeze a bunch and drain for a while. I feel no mass or anything, just pain. No other sinus pressure anywhere. What should I do.?Health Question & Answer

most likely its a small infected hair follicle, from staph. Sometimes they are too tiny to see, but they are very tender.

Warm compresses, stop poking it. Maybe some Polysporin for a couple days. They usually go away.

If you get recurrent ones, or they hang around a long time, you should have a swab done to make sure you aren't colonizing MRSA ( an antibiotic resistant strain of staphylococcus aureus) Health Question & Answer

Sounds like a really hard booger. Try picking it.Health Question & Answer

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