How to make a pen pipe?!

Question: How to make a pen pipe.?
Hey ive been searching forever to find a tutorial, but have had no luck. Does anyone know how to make a pen pipe for medical marijuana with no bowl.? ThanksHealth Question & Answer

take out the writin part then cut off the back and put a hole in the cap so that the open back of the pen will fit in. then melt it together. for a big bowl throw like a soda cap on top. then make a screen out of tinfoil and tapeHealth Question & Answer

I sure wish I had some medical marijuana....Legalize Cannabis! and not just for the sick people!! Anyways You can use the cardboard piece in a toilet paper roll. Just cut a hole on one side glue a piece of tin foil to it jab some small holes into the tin foil use one end of the roll as your carburetor and voila!!Health Question & Answer

empty out a pen so you just have a tube, then get a piece of aluminum foil and make it into a bowl shape but very narrow, poke holes in the bottom, put the ganja in the foil and put that into one end of the pen and light up! thats the simplest thing i can think of.Health Question & Answer

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