Acidophilus & Bacillus after h pylori infection?!

Question: Acidophilus & Bacillus after h pylori infection.?
The nurse practitioner told me to take these probiotics after the ulcer causing infection I had. I was pregnant right after that which caused me to be extremely sick because I assume I hardly had a stomach lining left after the infection and after being so sick for so long. So, I've been talking Acidophilus tablets everyday but I Bacillus is hard to find. I'm wondering if anyone has had to take these in tandem before and if they come in one combined caplet.?Health Question & Answer

There are a couple "Soil-based organism" combinations that have both of those (along with 10-15 other strains of probiotics) and I've only seen one product that is JUST the Bacillus... but I'm wondering if she misunderstood or misspelled the name. Lactobacillus Acidophilus is the full name of the product and she may have misunderstood the wording (like it was 2 different products) or thought that Bacillus was better than Lactobacillus because it was missing the "Lacto" (assuming it was milk-based and not as healthy, perhaps).
All that being said, Acidophilus or a good probiotic complex will definitely help with digestion and products like DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice) should help with various stomach issues, including soothing the stomach. Good luck... oh, and congratulations on the baby! ;-)Health Question & Answer

Unless you're absolutely opposed to taking antibiotics, please get a prescription to kill the h. pylori. It's the leading cause of stomach cancer there is.Health Question & Answer has everything vitamin, mineral and elsewhere. You will find them together or easily find on or the other. I have used them for years and vouchsafe for them as etailers.
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