Counseling & Massage Therapy together?!

Question: Counseling & Massage Therapy together.?
I'm studying to be an M.T. and am finding that quite a few of my clients take the time in our sessions to talk about their stresses and everything.

Is there already a type of Massage Therapy that offers counseling in the same session.?
Would it defeat the purpose of relaxation.?
Thoughts & comments.?
Thanks. :DHealth Question & Answer

There are some types like Hellerwork and Hakomi that combine a form of talk as part of the massage. The thing is that they are done in ways to just get people to get more into their bodies and out of their heads where the talking comes from.

Massage therapists are not licensed to be counselors and it would be illegal to try to do actual talk therapy.

You can also use techniques such as Focusing (Gendlin).

You can also work on understanding what is going on with people and their bodies as touch has a way of bringing up deeper psychological issues and then there is the whole idea of the therapeutic relationship and how healing occurs when people see you as being more powerful.

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Interesting question. I offer Counseling combined with EFT, Flower Remedies, and Emotional Freedom Technique which is a form of emotional acupuncture technique. I quite often get asked from people, especially if they are stressed, if I offer Massage combined with Counseling.
Sometimes I do the EFT tapping on the people, especially if they feel weak. But this is the onliest form of physical touch I have with clients.

I could not imagine to massage them and at the same time work on often deep seated issues. Nevertheless, if this is something you are drawn to, why not. In some Counseling approaches, the clients need to focus a lot, write things down, or follow exercises. Person centered Therapy, but might be something you want to explore as you could combine this with massage therapy.

Good luck.Health Question & Answer

I'm a massage therapist, and I get the "talkers" too, I take it as a compliment that they feel comfortable enough to pour out their lifes problems to me, I really try to be just the listener. It's emotionally draining sometimes, some really have big issues going on. But I try to just focus on what I'm doing,try to guide them back to relaxing.
I think combining the two, in the same hour/session, would be too much. Trying to counsel AND massage.? I think it would defeat the purpose. Health Question & Answer

Good idea and true but massages are for relaxation - get rid of the stress. Maybe combine a counselor/massage therapist in same building.. Health Question & Answer

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