Medical Marijuana views?!

Question: Medical Marijuana views.?
Do you think medical marijuana should really be illegal.? I really want to know what a docter thinks of this if theres any out there.Health Question & Answer

obviously snowbhord thought you said legal.

and NO!!!. it should be legal for all uses. especially medical. even if its just for back pain or something. (like california)
its safer then alcohol and tobacco.Health Question & Answer

I think that marijuana tea is a medicine, just like any other medicine. In addition to decreasing the nausea from cancer chemotherapy, marijuana tea may be an anti-carcinogen in its own right. It also has a role to play in treating glaucoma. I suspect that marijuana tea could be a godsend for anorexics who realize that they have a problem. Sorry, I'm not a doc. Here's a link to an abstract of a scientific article about the effect of cannabidiol on aggressive breast cancer cells.Health Question & Answer

I think is should be legal for terminal ill people.
Otherwise, I am against it, because it could become an addiction and could create other problems in the long run.
Just my opinion and I am not a Doctor.Health Question & Answer

definitely yes... i have to start chemotherapy and i'm going to blaze my through it and see how it helps/worsens the effects of chemoHealth Question & Answer

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