Citalopram hydrobromide (celexa) and weed *pharmicists please*?!

Question: Citalopram hydrobromide (celexa) and weed *pharmicists please*.?
I noticed on this site it says let your doctor know when taking this medicine if you're taking any street drugs such as marijuana. I smoke weed almost every other day so...will it effect my medication.? thanksHealth Question & Answer

The antidepressant-marijuana-depression combo again. In the overwhelming majority of cases, Marijuana's odd action on the endogenous cannabinoid system results in antidepressant medication's usefulness being reduced to just about nothing.

Basically, to cut out all the details and phrase it simply: marijuana makes the celexa not work (properly, if at all).Health Question & Answer

Now why would you take a depressant drug and an anti-depressant drug together.?

Does that sound like it makes sense.?

Gas! Brakes! Gas! Brakes!Health Question & Answer

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