Why does alcohol take awhile to get yourself drunk but if you smoke weed you get drunk almost instantly?!

Question: Why does alcohol take awhile to get yourself drunk but if you smoke weed you get drunk almost instantly.?
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You don't get drunk from weed...

And anyway, it's because if you inhale something (weed) it goes from your lungs almost directly into your bloodstream. Having to drink something is going to take a bit longer to go into the bloodstreamHealth Question & Answer

Exactly. The alcohol not only goes through the stomach first but also needs to saturate the liver before the excess enters the blood stream. Your liver absorbes all it can and it is only after that that it enters the blood stream. A lot longer compared with the lungs which enable the smoke to seap directly into the blood stream instantly.Health Question & Answer

UMMMMM.... you dont get "drunk" off weed. its called being high if you didnt know..... and its not the same thing.

alcohol has to go through the stomach and all the rest of the body, w hile weed is inhaled and goes to the lungs, where it is absorbed much faster. if you were to eat marijuana it would take longer to get high because youd have to absorb it a different way.Health Question & Answer

as the first two said it goes directly to your bloodstream via your lungs
if you eat weed say in a brownie it'll take about 30-60 minutes to feel the effects Health Question & Answer

weed goes into your lungs, your lungs are connected to your bloodstream.

Booze goes through the stomach first.Health Question & Answer

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