Can acai juice cause diarrhea?!

Question: Can acai juice cause diarrhea.?
I never get this issue and this morning I tried some rasperry acai juice by Tropicana and well...cramps galore, very painful and several trips to the bathroom... The only thing I can think of I have done differently is the acai juice. Health Question & Answer

Yes lol, the Acai berry is used in many diets and fat flush fads. So, it can probaby be the thing that has caused your intestines and stomach to work overtime. If you liked the taste, keep drinking it, but in moderate amounts, and not in the morning. Or if you do drink it in the morning, have a piece of wheat toast with it for stability.

And of course, hope you feel better. Health Question & Answer

Yes. Acai juice can cause diarrhea because it flushes out toxins from your body. Acai berries and Acai extract is used in many body detoxes and cleanses. It is a terrific antioxidant. It is very beneficial to the body.

I would wait a day or so and drink some more. You may have diarrhea again, but it shouldn't last long. Once your body gets used to the detoxifying properties of the fruit, the diarrhea should subside.Health Question & Answer

Usually acai juice is used in detox programs. Some times acai juice does cause loose bowels.Health Question & Answer

ooooooh yeah that definitely sounds like acai flushing everything out of u.Health Question & Answer

Yes all drinks can.Health Question & Answer

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