I dont have any weed, what can i get high off of?!

Question: I dont have any weed, what can i get high off of.?
i'v heard some stories about ppl who trip on benadryl.? suggestions please

im a freshmen in college and i only have a few friends. it really sucks, its a saturday night and im bored. wtf.Health Question & Answer

hey sorry that you had to get all that criticism from everyone. it may do all those things but it also makes you feel awsome. hah. Not much you can do though if you dont have anything on you. Try to get in-touch with some of the local dealers so this wont happen to you again.Health Question & Answer

Anna, Although I am a guy I have experienced what you are. It took me many years to discover getting high does not remove what got you bored in the first place. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and go serve someone else. You will find helping other people in need will get ride of your boring life.Health Question & Answer

If you are bored, read a book!

Why must people find pathetic attempts to get high.

You are only killing your brain cells sweetie! and don't even compare marijuana to alcohol and cigarettes.They are ALL bad for you.

Do your research.Health Question & Answer

paint, gasoline, and the best that stuff that you clean your computer keypad with thats the best. Have Fun btw marijuana is not that bad as long as you use it sparingly like once every 2 months. Health Question & Answer

I think you shouldnt do drugs and dont get high off of anything except life and love and all its joys and if ur feeling down go call or hangout with someoneHealth Question & Answer

get a life :)
drugs aren't cool they make you look like ****, smell like **** and feel like ****. What kind of idiot would want that.?.?Health Question & Answer

Referring to above answer: and me.Health Question & Answer

Wow, your cool. NOT! Do you know how bad weed is for you. Get a life LOSER!
Health Question & Answer

get high on life.Health Question & Answer

try getting high off life.....Health Question & Answer

Seek help in a NA meeting!!Health Question & Answer

LifeHealth Question & Answer

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