Owww!!! Best Cure for a Hangover? ?!

Question: Owww!!! Best Cure for a Hangover.? .?
Help me! Im at work. Health Question & Answer

Push fluid intake which will help with dehydration; eat some starchy and sugary food which will help with the hypoglycemia .Take paracetamol for pain.
Don't take Aspirin for pain relief, the will act as an irritant to your already inflamed stomach.
And as a Nurse I should advise you to never get that hung over again. Prevention is better than a cure in this instance!Health Question & Answer

Drink a Coca Cola out of a can.

I know it's gross and I am not a soda drinker but this works wonders for a hangover.

Over the counter painkillers will make you feel better but they are MURDER on the liver when you've recently been drinking! And if you take them on an empty stomach you will regret it. I do not recommend aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, or anything like that.Health Question & Answer

The natural way to overcome hangover is to take a glass of water and squeeze a lemon into the water and drink the lemon juice mixed with water. You'll get over the hangover in a short time. Health Question & Answer

have a sachet of re hydrate, ie the stuff you have if you have diarrhoea, it helps to re hydrate you which is one big reason why you have a hangoverHealth Question & Answer

Drink lots of water. Don't take more aspirin then recommended on the box. Eat some bananas. They are high is potassium which is an electrolyte you lose when drinking heavily. Eat something with a little grease.Health Question & Answer

Pedialyte - You can find it at most grochery stores.



I drink a lot of Gatorade, A hangover is just dehydration.Health Question & Answer

Water. You get a hangover because your brain is shrinking from the loss of water, and pulling on your nerves. Water, and possibly some multivitamins are this best thing to takeHealth Question & Answer

Coffee with sugar, water, bananas (lots of potassium) and a couple of paracetamol.

It's Friday :)

Health Question & Answer

Drink vodka from now on. You can never get a hang-over from vodka. Its true. Look it up if you want to. Its scientifically proven.Health Question & Answer

More alcohol. Since you are at work, obviously not an option. Try alot of water and some caffeine and an aspirin. Health Question & Answer

You have basically poisoned yourself! Your body is trying to detox. You need vitamin C in high doses and a lot of water.
And, oh...don't forget rest!Health Question & Answer

Advil liqui-gels two big glasses of water and a bevy if that doesn't work!!!!!!!!! Best of luck we've all been there. Health Question & Answer

have someone give you a foot reflexology session and drink alot of water Health Question & Answer

on ur lunch break have some fatty food,. right now water, and multi vitamin tablets or fruitHealth Question & Answer

honey - if possible eat the raw type with the honeycombHealth Question & Answer

have a cup of ginger tea or a glass of lemon juice...Health Question & Answer

Bring a massage chair to work! Health Question & Answer

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