What are some ways to be eligible for medical marijuana?!

Question: What are some ways to be eligible for medical marijuana.?
One of my friends was eligible for medical marijuana because he lied his a$$ off. He basically told the doctor that he had a lot of trouble sleeping and that he has loss of appetite but he made it seem like really bad and that this had been going on for a while. The doctor prescribed weed after that so maybe you can try. Health Question & Answer

Cancer, AIDS, epilepsy, severe pain that can not be treated with average medicine, Annorexia, are the ones I know for sure (in most states with legal medical marijuana). I believe there are also exceptions like schizophrenia or something where the doctor thinks that marijuana will help.Health Question & Answer

well if your in California, its pretty much the easiest thing you will ever do in your entire life. go into the doctors office and tell him that you have had chronic back pain that has led to the inability to sleep at night. if you dont want to say that say the lately it has been hard for you to eat food and you feel it is becoming dangerous to your healthHealth Question & Answer

Best chance to get medical marijuana prescribed:

- Be over 21 (or 18 maybe)
- Have a chronic pain disorder
- Lie your *** off
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yeppp its so worth it
move to cali bitchessss.Health Question & Answer

brain cancer

rare forms of autism

veryvery SERIOUS terets (no pun intended)Health Question & Answer

cataracts, some forms of cancer i believe. Health Question & Answer

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