Remedy for Sleeping Problems?!

Question: Remedy for Sleeping Problems.?
I've been having major sleeping problems because my mind is always preoccupied with something. Any remedies to allow my mind to be at ease so that I may sleep.?Health Question & Answer

Hi there.
I agree with everyone's comments so far (except for the smoke weed person! :(
I read that chick peas actually help induce a more deep restful sleep (I don't know why though... haven't looked that up yet), but you should really be looking at WHY you can't sleep. Is it only that your mind won't shut off.? Perhaps there is an underlying cause as well.... it's worth looking into and maybe asking a naturopath about. You can try sleepytime tea before bed... cut out all caffiene, try and get to bed the first time you feel tired... don't wait until you've passed that stage and have to force yourself to go to sleep. Write in a journal or something about an hour before you go to bed to get all your thoughts down on paper, and then you won't be thinking about them as much while you're trying to sleep. also.... keep the bedroom for sleeping. You might want to try removing things from your bedroom such as books, TV, electronics etc. that are designed to keep you awake. Make sure your room is tidy before bed, don't have the head or foot of your bed facing a window or door, and maybe try some relaxing stretches right before you get in bed.
Good luck to you!

I've included 2 sources below for you to look at.Health Question & Answer

Well if you want to do the all natural sleep thing try a glass of warm milk before bed or you can even try lettuce tea. I had that same problem and my grandma would boil water with lettuce in it and she'd make me drink it. It helped. Try working out and try many activities throughout the day. Now if you really really have trouble sleeping ask your doctor to prescribe something. Normally they'll prescribe ambien and it really does help but it can be a very addicting pill and sometimes you can come to rely on it for sleep which is not a good thing. Talk to your doctor and ask him/her what's best for you. Health Question & Answer

Your body makes Melatonin which is what helps you sleep. Believe it or not you can actually buy this miracle substance at a drug store. Walmart, Kmart, etc all have it. It's all natural, like I said it's what your body produces to help you sleep, so add a little more to your night time routine! Other tips from one sleepless person to another...
Cut down the caffeine, take your showers at night time, get a good foot rub right before you fall asleep, don't spend too much time in the bedroom during the day that way your mind triggers when it's in bed that it's supposed to sleep!

Best of luck!Health Question & Answer

- Try vigorous excercise during the day
- Don't eat at least 3 hours before you sleep
- Try sleeping podcasts on itunes.
- Try lavander scents.
- Concentrate on your breathing. Take deep breaths and focus on nothing but the air.
- Work out any issues before you go to bed. If you can't work out the things going on in your mind, tell yourself that you will deal with it in the morning.

Sweet dreams!!!! =]] Health Question & Answer

I have cassette tapes that I listen to. Many are books that
I have recorded onto tapes. Others are inspirational tapes.
The ones I record are best for boring me to sleep.
It almost always works.Health Question & Answer

Melatonin. Most health food stores sell a product that combines Valerian and Kava. That will be you out. If you want something gentle go with Sleepy Time Tea by Celestial Seasonings. It is actually a very good product.Health Question & Answer

pl check these remedies Question & Answer

Get a vaporizer (or make one if you can't buy one), and vaporize a bowl of marijuana before going to bed. You'll have a good sleep =)Health Question & Answer

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