Can i get a medicle marijuana card?!

Question: Can i get a medicle marijuana card.?
I am 15 and am being tested for IBS. I live in canada (ONT). I do not want to take pills constantly if i do have it. I am pretty sure i have it. If i do have IBS, can i get a parent to consent for it.? Do i just ask my doctor for it.?Health Question & Answer

it depends but probably not. you will probably have to be 18. unless canada is different, i dont know. but in the US they didnt want to give marijuana to underage people for medicinal use. Health Question & Answer

no, theyll prolly tell you to watch your diet, or give you some standard medication,. weed is prolly the last step, and you deffinitely dont want to ask for itHealth Question & Answer

Just be open and honest with your doctor. The doctor will be able to help figure out whats best for you. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

no you won't qualifyHealth Question & Answer

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