Can i dissolve gel capsules in water?!

Question: Can i dissolve gel capsules in water.?
cause im not good at taking a pill thats bigger than a regular advil pill.
and this gel capsule is pretty big...well, for me... can i dissolve it in water.? its a tylenol pm gel capsule thing.Health Question & Answer

you could but it might taste awful, it also might take a while to dissolve. you should try the rapid release tylenol pm capsules. they are just the same size as other tylenol except they work faster and put you to sleepHealth Question & Answer

It might taste bad. You could try quickly putting it in a small amount of orange juice and jug it down. The acid in the orange juice might act as a preservative. The other thing you could do for the future is buy capsules. You could buy small capsules. You can get them at a natural food store.Health Question & Answer

Don't rule out absorbing it rectally.Health Question & Answer

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