What crystal is best for me?!

Question: What crystal is best for me.?
I am on a spiritual journey and trying to open up, release any negative traits. I have problems in my hips and lower ab, anxiety, bad feet - fungla infections. I also am trying to control my temper and getting a lot better, calmer, less judemental.

I was owndering whether I should get a chakra pendant to try and over them all!Health Question & Answer

The chakra that is best for a spiritual journey is the Crown (top of the head) chakra. It's color is violet are white, so finding crystals of these colors will work very well when meditated with and/or placed at the Crown. Clear Quartz and Amethyst would be 2 of the best. Both are quite easy to work with. The wonderful thing about clear quartz is you can program it. Put your energy into it to help you with what you need assistance with.

Your medical issues seem to all be based around the Root chakra (at the base of the spine near genitals). The root chakra's color is red. Red or black stones will be helpful. Looking in the book "Crystal Prescriptions", Smokey Quartz keeps popping up for many of your feet and hip problems.

As for the emotional issues (temper) that would be the Solar Plexus chakra (just below the rib cage) or the Heart. The solar plexus is orange, the heart is green and sometimes pink. I would really recommend Rose Quarts. I personally have found this stone also easy to work with. It is a great loving and gentle stone.

All of these crystals are cheap and very easy to find. Plus they work well together since they are all a part of the quartz family. They are just a coupe of suggestions to help you on your way. Go to the ones that call you and that feel right for you. A good way to find out if a crystal is right for you is to ask it with a yes or no answer. For example "Will rose quartz help me with with my anger.?". Take your index finger and your thumb from both hands and link them together like handcuffs. Ask your question and then try to pull the fingers apart. If they pull apart easily then that is a no. If they are hard to pull apart then that means yes.

And finally, carry the stones with you that you feel you need at the time. You can get pouches to carry them in your pocket (just make sure they are tumbled otherwise they could scratch each other) or a necklace would work. A rose quartz necklace that hangs at the heart chakra level would be perfect for helping you be more calm. also if you are having specific problems, like the pain, then place the crystal on that location and/or the chakra and leave it there for about 20 minutes. Just relax and meditate on the crystal helping you.

Of course, this does not substitue professional medical care, but I have personally felt the differences crystals can make. Take care and enjoy working with the crystals!Health Question & Answer

So it sounds like you are starting your spiritual journey. Welcome and safe journeys.

All of the suggestions you've gotten are valid in terms of solutions - doctors (Allopathic, Chiropractic, Osteopathic, and Naturopathic) may be able to help with some of these issues, as could Massage and Meditation.

The question is stones and crystals - I really have to say that Quartz Crystals are your all-purpose crystal, and they are very affordable. OK, my Lemurian Seed Crystal and my Pink Tibetan Quartz are not so affordable, but I've been known to see simple quartz crystals for $1 (bigger ones for $10) and occasionally give them away because the stone wanted to go and I felt like it.

Otherwise, go to a rock show, swap, or store and see what calls your attention. The stone will tell you if you need it. Meditate with it first, and then consider looking it up.

Enjoy the journeyHealth Question & Answer

so your trying to cure personality quarks, infections, and passably injuries.............. by wearing a necklace.? nothing in science supports such a thing, and sense science is how we figure out how the world works, odds are wearing the necklace won't do anything for your problems unless you add "have too much money" to that list.

for the pains and infections, don't screw around with those, go to an actual doctor, they can become vary serious if not treated PROPERLY.

for the anxiety and temper have more faith in yourself and your own abilities, do you really think you are so weak that you need to spend money on fancy jewelry in order to fix your own problems.? do you really believe that.?

Prediction: i am gonna get a few negative ratings, not because what I'm saying is wrong, but because people are closed minded to the possibility of being wrong.(well prove me wrong)Health Question & Answer

errr zero...no one is forcing you to believe in crystals...and the asker didn't ask "Do crystals work.?", so you're just as bad as bible pushers that knock on your door and try to convert you. But I bet you complain about them too huh.? :) if I hold a stone and I feel better, are you going to tell me that positive feeling is false.?

As for which crystal, if you want a crash course in spiritual development I would suggest aqua aura or opal aura. DO a search for their properties. I agree, aquamarine would be a suitable stone too.

When you say open up, do you mean open up spiritually or socially.? If it is spiritual then the above stones will do it, if it is socially look at a nice piece of carnelian.

good luckHealth Question & Answer

Not a crystal but get a nice chunk of Aquamarine, also you might like a Bloodstone.Health Question & Answer

I agree, go to a rock show or crystal shop & see which stone/crsytal you feel drawn to. They say we don't choose crystals but they choose us...you'll naturally be drawn to the right one.Health Question & Answer

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