Adderall/Diet Pills: do they work?!

Question: Adderall/Diet Pills: do they work.?
Hi, Im not overweight at all. I would say I weigh about 130 and am 5'7". I just need to lose the weight around my stomach and hips. I know I'm supposed to be eating healthy and exercising, and I am. But I'm not getting any results. I am prescribed to adderall xr, which tends to make you lose your appetite all day. I take it M-F and because I have no appetite and it really is HARD to eat, I usually eat breakfast and dinner. I know this isn't good and am wondering if it could possibly be the reason of my weight.? also, I came across a diet pill called Nuphedragen. Has anyone tried it and gotten good results with it.?
Thanks for the help!Health Question & Answer

My aunt tried that, it just made her weaker and didn't make her lose weight at all. She passed out 3 times while on it, so don't do it!!Health Question & Answer

get off your adds' for 1 week lower your tolerance, then double your 30 caps for day 1, then double orginal again 30 caps day 3, etc skipping every other day. However you probaly will not sleep throughout these days, i would lay down for least 5 hours rest a night but you wont be sleeping for a week. It does work i have done it before, just dont get to overload on doing this weekly thing i have stayed up on adds' for over 15 days before its not healthly, actually everythign i said here wasnt healthy but dilligafHealth Question & Answer

i need to be on adderall, can you tell me what i need to do to get my doctor to prescribe them.Health Question & Answer

Do not go overboard. My friend wasted to a skeleton on an adderall addiction. Plus, you don't want to mess up your brain.
But I'm not one to talk so ...Health Question & Answer

Take it from someone who has been on adderall for years: Yes they will stop your appetite for a while, but the longer you take them like within months, come nighttime you'll be starvin from not having an appetite all day and therefore you will gain weight from eating at night. Please stop while you can, i wish that someone would have warned me about adderalls b/c after a while they dont even wake you up anymore but put you to sleep and make you feel horrible. You will be addicted to a drug that puts you to sleep and causes you to have night binges. not good. stop while you can, try some stackers or something.Health Question & Answer

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