Co-enzyme Q10~does it really work?Does it really help your organs/heart,ect.?!

Question: Co-enzyme Q10~does it really work.?Does it really help your organs/heart,ect..?
Key question...
What are you using it for.?

CoQ10 works beautifully for some things. Sometimes you'll "feel" the effects (as is the case with Parkinson's Disease, for example.) Sometimes you wont "feel" the effects but they will be measurable objectively (as is the case with CoQ10 for hypertension, for example.)

And sometimes the effects won't necessarily be "felt" or measurable, but the supplementation is still necessary... for example, patients who are prescribed Statin drugs should be co-prescribed CoQ10.

No supplement is beneficial for all things for all bodies. Not everyone should take CoQ10. Not everything can be helped by it. Supplements are like meds... they should be PROPERLY applied at appropriate doses.Health Question & Answer

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I used to take Co-enzyme Q10 and quit because I saw no difference. Like you, I'd read that it was great but I never felt any difference with it and started thinking it might be a waste of my time and money.Health Question & Answer

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