Why do some people drink their own urine for supposed "health benefits"? Is there any science behind this?!

Question: Why do some people drink their own urine for supposed "health benefits".? Is there any science behind this.?
This is essentially an "old wives tale", in fact, urine is mildly poisonous.
Urine contains urea, which is basically amino acids which have been filtered out of the body by the kidneys.

The only likely explanation for health benefits is probably a form of a 'placebo effect' (the physiological impact of making you feel better from beleiving that something will make you feel better when it actually contains nothing that can make you feel better)Health Question & Answer

me being a doctorHealth Question & Answer

There are records of people touting the benefits of urine consumption going back to the days of the Roman Empire. Some writings proclaim the health benefits to be found in one's own urine, the urine of a virgin maiden, or that of a young boy.

There is no scientific evidence for any of these absurd claims. The body disposes of waste for a reason.Health Question & Answer

what has been revealed and understood is science. What is not understood remains myth.

" The Oxford English Dictionary distinguishes the meanings of myth in this way:

1a. "A traditional story, typically involving supernatural beings or forces or creatures , which embodies and provides an explanation, aetiology, or justification for something such as the early history of a society, a religious belief or ritual, or a natural phenomenon", citing the Westminster Review of 1830 as the first English attestation[3]
1b. "As a mass noun: such stories collectively or as a genre." (1840)
2a. "A widespread but untrue or erroneous story or belief" (1849)
2b. "A person or thing held in awe or generally referred to with near reverential admiration on the basis of popularly repeated stories (whether real or fictitious)." (1853)
2c. "A popular conception of a person or thing which exaggerates or idealizes the truth." (1928)(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mythology) "

There are prescribed ways of drinking the urine which is described by some as "Life Water" and to remove its toxic contents. What is written by the ancients are mostly beyond science and contemporary brain to comprehend. It is said to have proven benefits by the ancient sanskrit scripture "Damar Tantra". (An English version is at the following site.www.hps-online.com/hurine.htm). Urine of cow has been a prime and important ingredient in some of the life saving medicines of ayurveda.

Urine is like a water flowing through the mountain carrying all benefits of all herbs dissolved in it alongwith dirt and mud as we perceive. The perception of mud and dirt in that water does not preclude that water from being made pottable drinking water The waters in the mountain brooks are said to contain miraculous life giving effect due to its herbal properties.

Urine is an extract from the blood which has passed through whole of the body and contains all sub atomic elements known and unknown dissolved in it. It is only a discriminate mind that has been programmed to know it as impurities and toxins, would condemn a water containing elements of living giving values.

Since the urine contains plenty of Sulphur and phosphates and other minerals, its value as a skin nourishing potion cannot be neglected. I can perceive its miraculous values though I have not used it. At the same time I would not condemn those who use it, as unscientific.Health Question & Answer

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i personally know of someone who does this. i would not do it. i was shocked to find out people today, do this. he looked real young for his age. according to those who do it, they would say yes, about science. the reason they do it, is for health benefits, from anything to a strong immune system to better skin. whether it is true or not, i don't know. i saw an article on it, and it had plenty of science reason behind it. i threw it away, because it is not something i will consider doing. i was curious, as you, and read the paper. urine is another means of our body filtering out the toxins. so, why would anyone drink toxins. i heard that it had to be drank very soon, before it became toxic. i heard that it was pure when it first comes out. what i did see with my own eyes is this man who had been doing it for years. he looked so young. he was in his late 50's. i would still not do it, though.Health Question & Answer

no not at allHealth Question & Answer

people do that 0.o
no I don't think there is any science behind itHealth Question & Answer

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