Is It Possible To..................?!

Question: Is It Possible To...................?
forget to breath and im not taking no for an answer cause me and my mom have moderate asthma and its like sometimes my head feels like its squeezes when i am real still and barely breath and then i move quickly like if something scarded me( i know "scarded") then my head squeezes it from the inside and then its hard to breath for a second but it doesn't hurt almost though and its annoying cause if im sleeping then my alarm goes off (im not used to it yet) i will jump up and i feel that and yes i've been having weezeing trouble the last few days just like try to explain it so i can understandHealth Question & Answer

yes, stress, sudden shock, bewilderment can cause a person to "forget" to breath.

But with asthma, that's a different medical condition, biologically is the reason for the stopped breathing, not psychologically.

/jeromeHealth Question & Answer

its entirely possible, and medically observed. go to a hospital with a sleep lab, spend the night thereHealth Question & Answer

use your inhaler & peak flow meter frequently -follow up with your pulmonologist.Health Question & Answer

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