Whi i am still tired all the time?!

Question: Whi i am still tired all the time.?
I have been feeling really tired recently, i have been sleeping more but still feel drained. I try to go to bed at 9 pm and wake up at 5.30 am (for work), i have been eating more fruit and veg instead of junk food and even trying to exercise more but i have no energy. I used to have anaemia as a child so was wondering if i should take some more iron pills.? Should i take a multi vitamin or anything else. Please don't say get a blood test because i can't i have the biggest fear of needles!!

Do you know anything else i can do because it has got so bad and i have so much work i need to do!Health Question & Answer

I had the same problem and I thought it was anemia but when I made blood test the doctor said I have good iron but my vitamin D is very low and it cause that problem.don't take iron by yourself I heard that if you get too much it could be harm for the leverHealth Question & Answer

Go to your local nutrition store and ask for liquid clorophyll. This will cure your anemia. It did mine. You put some in your water and put a stevia or two (sugar that natural) and drink it. It does not taiste bad at all. I drink it all day and so does my two kids (4 and 3). They love it. IT will help to balance your pH too. It helps so many other things. You can also ask the nutritionist what you can take. If you live in the DFW area, I can tell you a great one.Health Question & Answer

You will need a blood test...
Read up on alcat test...www.alcat.com
I'll be doing it tomorrow.
I've read that it helps in fatigue, skin conditions, arthritis, weight loss etc...
The alcat test is a food, chemical & substance test that will tell you which foods your body tolerates & which it doesn't. I believe by avoiding the foods that trigger you it would help the tiredness. Read up on it...it's well worth checking out. A bit pricey but better than taking medication/drugs.Health Question & Answer

sorry to say it, but i think u need a blood test. i completely understand how u must feel about it, b/c im in the same boat, but it's the only way to make sure ur ok. what it sounds like though is that ur lacking iron so u probably need pills for that as well....still, get checked out just to make sure that's all it is.Health Question & Answer

Sweetie it could be your adrenals are depleted. Good news; they have a saliva home test kit for cortisol.

Try that and good luck.
Oh I found a good source: .?pid=8245&at=0" rel="nofollow">http://www.iherb.com/ProductDetails.aspx...

I'll email you some extra info. :)Health Question & Answer

There's this new invention. It's called coffee.Health Question & Answer

Your like me. I wish i had an answer. The best thing is to go see a Doctor in case you have diabetesHealth Question & Answer

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