What causes attention deficit, what natural ways can a person stay focused?!

Question: What causes attention deficit, what natural ways can a person stay focused.?
ADD is a made up term for when a person has deficiences. They use the term so they can sell you a drug.

Find out what deficiencies you have and you can solve the problem.

Most often what is missing is essential fatty acids. The best supplements I found for this is called Alert Mind Formula and can be found here www.realfoodnutrients.com/amf/home.htmHealth Question & Answer

Of all the research that's been done, nobody has determined one sole cause of ADD or ADHD. It can be acquired (there is research about artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors in food that may impact it) or it can be something that happens before birth, so there doesn't seem to be just one factor for the cause.

As far as ways to help, there have actually been a lot of studies that have shown that Fish Oil can help with ADD/ADHD. It seems too simple, and that may be one reason it wasn't really looked at closely for this, but I wasn't surprised it would help when I thought about it. The EPA and DHA in Fish Oil help with all sorts of things including heart health, skin health, and brain health.
Give it a try... it's economical, safe, and easy. Just make sure that the company you get it from uses Molecular Distillation because that's currently the only safe way to remove any trace contaminants of any heavy metals. Of course, if you aren't sure about the dosage or the benefits, you may want to consult with a holistic doctor, as they may have other additional options available to them.

Now, if you would like some other options that can help with focus or brain health, there are other options available as well. The most popular natural products for brain health (aside from Fish Oil) are Ginkgo Biloba, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Phosphatidylserine (abbreviated PS), DMAE, Huperzine A, Bacopa Monnieri (or Monniera), and Vinpocetine.
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This link may be usefull for you mate ~


i know this link at first glance looks all a bit too hard to read but please persevere and in particular read item number 4, 5 and 6.......;0)

a full assessment by a naturopath would be a good place for a person to start buddy ........ they can do testing for food allergies/intolerances and chemical sensitivities .......what you ingest and absorb through your skin and breath can have a vast impact on the way you think, the way you feel and your overall health and vitality ....... seriously, you can live a pain free drug free life if only you know precisely what chemicals and foods are upsetting your system .... it could be something as simple as an intolerance to processed sugar or artificial flavorings and colorings or flavor enhancers like "MSG" or artificial sweetners such as that diabolical "Aspartame" ...... it has been documented that aspartame triggers behavioural and physchiatric problems to start with ....or it could be any one of the vast amount of chemicals and "preservatives" that they pump our packaged food with ........ disorders from which people suffer due to intolerances to food or chemicals in their diets can cover almost the whole spectrum of physical and mental illnesses ..... an extraordinary concept but mind blowingly true.

in the meantime, people previously diagnosed with attention deficit disorder should try to include as much whole fresh foods that you prepare yourself that includes a wide range of leafy and green vegies, low sugar fresh fruits like watermelon, cantalope, pears and strawberries, some lean meats and fishes, whole grains and cereals like brown rice ..... wholegrain breads and cereals like brown rice are rich in vitamin B1 (thiamine) which is essential in keeping the nervous system, heart and muscles functioning normally ...... brilliant for increasing levels of focus retention and memory ....... don't supplement with any of the B complex individually though but rather as a whole group if supplementation is a choice ....... ditching the white bread, pastas, cakes, pastries, chocolate, sodas, pop, soft drinks, candy, sweets ..... all terribly high in nutritionally void, chemically processed sugar .... and also ditching all foods labelled "diet" ... which is pretty much a red flag that it contains artificial sweetners such as aspartame ..... including organic nuts and seeds like almonds, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds and lots of fresh filtered water .......... feeding your body from God's table and weaning ourselves off all the highly processed, packagedsludge that has little to no nutritional value anyway, has an EnOrMoUs impavct on the way our brains function and our bodies bounce.

drinking plenty of water and staying well hydrated will also go a long way to maintaining focus and clarity.


peace baby

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Avoid artificial food additives, excessive sugar and get sufficient Omega 3.

Other methods mentioned by the article:

Behavioral interventions

Psychological therapies use to treat ADHD include psychoeducational input, behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), family therapy, school-based interventions, social skills training and parent management training.[19]

Parent training and education have been found to have short term benefits.[94] Family therapy has shown to be of little use in the treatment of ADHD,[95] though it may be worth noting that parents of children with ADHD are more likely to divorce than parents of children without ADHD, particularly when their children are under the age of 8 years.[96]


Aerobic fitness may improve cognitive functioning and neural organization related to executive control during pre-adolescent development, though more studies are needed in this area[106]. One study suggests that athletic performance in boys with ADHD may increase peer acceptance when accompanied by fewer negative behaviors[107].Health Question & Answer

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attention_d...Health Question & Answer

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