Has anyone tried legal buds?!

Question: Has anyone tried legal buds.?
I get tested but i enjoy the experience of smoking also(the taste the burn the smoke).I know real bud is better. I know legal buds wont get you high. I know I could buy fake pee or other stuff but that DOES NOT WORK on my type of drug tests. dont be an idiot and try and give me a smartass answer, Im looking for someone who has bought and tried the product.Health Question & Answer

yea i tried it when i used to work at a head shop

its not very good.... i guess it kinda relaxes you and gives you a headrush, but most of the time you are just wishing that it would get you high

but as you said, you know its not going to get you high. it would just end up being a tease for you and probably get you to smoke real buds

so i say temporarily quit smoking until your drug tests are over. drink in the meantime. then when you can in a few months roll up a fatty and get stoned out of your gourd. the feeling you will get right then will make it all worth itHealth Question & Answer

I tried Spice Gold. It doesn't taste great, but...it does something. Not like the real thing, but I felt good/had the music enhancement thing. I know lots of people who smoke only this because of the situation you're in. It's not a great substitute, but it's one of the few that work.

There's also Spice Diamond (I think it's called Diamond) that I've heard is much better than gold. Cost more though.Health Question & Answer

I've tried legal bud and it is actually not that bad, as an avid weed smoker I can tell you that the body high is much like marijuana, and for me lasted around 4 hours. As for the head high though, its almost non-existent.Health Question & Answer

experienceHealth Question & Answer

legal buds.?.?.? like in high times w/out THC.? or medicinal.?.?.? if you live in Cali, then go get your medi-can liscense. If your in another state, then STOP SMOKING! decide for yourself whats more important, yur job or yur weed.Health Question & Answer

yes, they are worthless.Health Question & Answer

i am the dope kingHealth Question & Answer

noHealth Question & Answer

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