Pot, a joint a day keeps the doctor away?? ;)?!

Question: Pot, a joint a day keeps the doctor away.?.? ;).?
Okay, So I Heard That Weed Can Prevent Most Cancers, And That Its A Medical Fact... They Just Wont Let It Out To The Masses.? what teh fockk.?.? Is That True.?

Dont Leave Answers Saying "Oh, Its Bad For You" lalala Because I Smoke It And Make At Least "B" Honor Role Every Quarter Sooo.. Hah! ;DHealth Question & Answer

My cousin is one of the biggest potheads I know and she aced all her college classes so cracking on your academics is not my goal. Hell, I was a huge pothead many years ago and I graduated with a 3.5 GPA (and I never did my homework, if I had I probably would have had a 4.0)

Anyway, to answer your question, there are rumors that marijuana can prevent certain diseases, cancer being one of them, but also keep in mind the amount of tar in one joint is equal to a pack of cigarettes. That said, it can cause lung cancer due to that fact. I'm told that the best way to ingest marijuana is by eating it rather then smoking it because of the effects of the tar from when you smoke it.Health Question & Answer

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