Does saint jhons wort really work?!

Question: Does saint jhons wort really work.?
I take perika, and I have never really noticed it making my anxiety less or go away. Does saint jhons wort even work.? Am I wasting my money on it.?Health Question & Answer

I just took psych 101 last semester and we extensivly covered this topic. the fact is that it doesn't have any effect on stress. it would have about as much as an influence on your mood as any other placebo.Health Question & Answer

I only found "Natural Balance" brand of St John's wort work for me. Unfortunately it was discontinued as soon as I bought my first bottle! :( However SJW is for depression NOT anxiety. Do not confuse the two, they're very different emotions. One is dead inside the other is the opposite, internal freak out basically!
Try 5 HTP at the rate of 100mg caps (do not go over 300mg a day, that even might be too high).
PhosphatidylCholine to me is unbeatable for anxiety attacks, however Jarrow's didn't work, I like KAL brand the best.
Omega 3's work for depression but not anxiety.
They same SAMe works but it's too expensive so I never tried it.Health Question & Answer

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