Need some advice for a cleansing/detox program.?!

Question: Need some advice for a cleansing/detox program..?
I have done a lot of research, briefly consulted with an alternative medicine doctor and have nutrition experience so I am not going into this blindly or with the wrong intentions. With that said, I would like to hear from anyone who has attempted and/or completed any kind of cleansing or detox "diet". My goal is to remove toxins and reintroduce complex foods in an effort to see what aggravates my allergies. I am not concerned so much with weight as I am at about normal. This is not to quickly remove any illegal substances in order to pass a test either. I am simply interested in what works or not for people who have tried serious methods. I fear the lemon, syrup and cayenne diet (Master Cleanse) is too restrictive and nutritiously deficient but am open to anyone's experiences. Any supplements that were beneficial I would like to hear about too. Thanks ahead of time for serious answers. be well.Health Question & Answer

OK, it depends whether you want to do a thorough detoxification program, or something quicker but not as 'deep cleaning'.

Personally and professionally I recommend a systematic holistic detox program. This in itself may take care of your allergies.

It sounds like you're already knowledgeable about nutrition and maintain a pretty healthy diet so the detox, though lengthy, should be simple for you.

First, make sure you're drinking 8 to 10 glasses of pure water daily. Start out with a colon-parasite cleanse, then a kidney cleanse, then a liver-gallbladder cleanse.

Too much info to get into here, so you can read these pages (and all the links under 'Read more information...'). There are some supplement recommendations for this process too.

Colon health:

Holistic detox:

Most detox 'quickies' just skim the surface, but are pretty ineffective as far as deep detox at the cellular level. So it depends on your health goals...Health Question & Answer

Holistic wellness guidelines Question & Answer

A cleanse can be very dangerous or taxing on your system if you have adrenal or thyroid problems or candida. The Master Cleanse can make you worse I have friends who tried it and got fatter after going back to normal after losign weight on it, it's not worht it a real bad fad. Google should help.Health Question & Answer


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http://herbal-medicine.webs.comHealth Question & Answer

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