Is there anything wrong with taking cough syrup if you're not actually sick?!

Question: Is there anything wrong with taking cough syrup if you're not actually sick.?
Well, I have trouble sleeping quite often on school nights. I have this raspberry cough syrup that I take every night before I go to bed because it makes me drowsy and sleepy. I usually take a spoonful or two every time. Is there anything wrong with doing this.? Because I don't wanna use it if it acts as some drug or I don't want it to give me any bad side effects...Health Question & Answer

YES!!! Most definitely. It depends on the medications in the syrup and what else you might be taking.

Just because a medication is over the counter doesn't mean you might not overdose or take too much of it. That it might not have ingredients in it that build to dangerous levels over time.

If you don't need the cough syrup to relieve a system then you most likely shouldn't be taking it. And probably never more that 10 the lable.

Start by speaking to a pharmacist about the medicine you are using and recommended dosage and usage. You can do this over the phone if you dont' want to talk to them in person. Or call the ask a nurse number in your community if there is one.

also read the flier in the box. Most over the counter medicines are not recommended for long term use.

Especially not without being under a physicians care...meaning a doctor know what your ared taking and how much and how often. Checks you out regularly to make sure its not hurting you in any way from 'off label use'.

Some cough syrups contain alcohol and that is what is helping you sleep. If individuals in your family are predisposed to alcoholism, you make start to experience symptoms of addictive behaviors over time.

also, some over the counters contain drugs that are fine for limited use but overtime may build up like toxins in your body causing stress to your organs.

More important, not being able to fall asleep at night masks another symptom or issue. Stress or maybe just consuming too much caffiene during the day.

It could be a symptom of something physical or psychological that long term & regular use of the cough syrup could be masking - a real problem that is being 'covered up' by your taking cough syrup.

Before taking things to help you sleep, perhaps first find out what is keeping you awake.

Lots of individuals these days drink those energy shot drinks that have triple to 10 times the amount of caffiene that the body can handle in a day expecially long term. And its not just one shot a day but multiple. If thats the case, no wonder you can't fall asleep.

Perhaps all you need to do is slowly wean yourself off all that extra caffiene.>

Then again perhaps its something else. You won't know by ignoring the real issue.

See a doctor about why you have trouble falling asleep. Deal with the real problem rather than self medicate and potentially cause a greater problem to your health.

Haven't you seen in the news where some one will die for using over the counter drugs improperly.?

I know it sounds alarmist. It should. Just because the FDA approved some medication as over the counter use doesn't mean its safe to use off label or abuse (not follow its instructions).

Take care of yourself and don't put things in your body that it doesn't really need or shouldn't have.Health Question & Answer

Taking something to help you sleep no matter what it is will not help the cause of why you are having trouble sleeping. Finding a way to relax and naturally go to sleep is much safer and better for you in the long run. When you are ready for bed get some massage oil or a lotion you like and rub some on the bottoms of your feet length wise from heal to toe and back again. Do both feet for 2 minutes or so 1 foot at a time and then do a deep breathing exercise when you lay down to sleep. Breath in slowly for a count of 5 hold it for a count of 5 and let it out for a count of 8. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and keep your cheeks soft and loose when you breath out.
Use an affirmation question like, "why is it so easy for me to go to sleep naturally now". It sounds strange but try it as you are rubbing your feet. I hope you will try these ideas. They will work for you!Health Question & Answer

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Well depends what's in it.... I wouldn't take it often if it is like multi symptom.

it's probably the cough suppressant and/or the antihistamine that makes you drowsy. If it has more than that I wouldn't take it...

simply put you don't want to take other stuff that doesn't do anything.Health Question & Answer

yeah you can become dependent on it which is a addictionHealth Question & Answer

I dont think so....A lot of people take Benadryl when they dont have a cold to get to bed....Health Question & Answer

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