Medicationssssss!!!plz help?!

Question: Medicationssssss!!!plz help.?
what is the easiest way to memorize or know what type of medication is . actually i will be taking my NCLEX in 3-4 months and knowing about all the meds is not possible is their a way i can at least find out by looking at the name that what class that med is from ...Health Question & Answer

Here are a few suffixes and meanings:

-statin: HMG CoA Reductase (cholesterol lowering agent)
-pril: ACE Inhibitor (antihypertensive)
-sartan: ARB Inhibitor (antihypertensive)
-erol: Beta2 agonist (asthma, COPD)
-sone: Corticosteroid (inflammation, asthma, rhinitis)
-cyclovir: Antiviral
-cillin: Antibiotic, related to penicillin
-myocin: Antibiotic
-cef: Antibiotic
-floxacin: Antibiotic, usually a fluoroquinolone
-olol: Beta-blocker (antihypertensive, cardiac)
-tidine: H2 antagonist (GERD, ulcers, etc.)
-prazole: Proton Pump Inhibitor (GERD, ulcers, etc.)
-profen: NSAID (pain, inflammation)
-coxib: NSAID, COX-2 Inhibitor (pain, inflammation)
-setron: Antiemetics (nausea, vertigo)
-cet: Narcotic pain reliever
-contin: Continuous release formulation
-drine: Amphetamine (stimulant)
-bol, -drol, -strol: Anabolic steroid
-fenacin: Overactive Bladder

Ceph-, Kef-, Cef-,: Antibiotic, usually a cephalosporin

There are soooo many more, but hopefully this is a good start. Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

well i would use my phone and record memos
or use your phone and take pics of each med and label each pic
and number the pics to keep track of them in order and for dosage reminder and you can also use your alarm clock on your phone
i hope that helps but thats all i can think of
but sorry if it doesnt help you
i hope someone else can help youHealth Question & Answer

I don't think they ID them like that ..

pharmaceuticals are BIG BUSINESS
and the more they can hook you the more money they make..

they still make them look like candy so kids will eat them.

I don't think you can tell by sight what type pill it is..
they are all dangerous.. unless you like supporting them..
get off all pharmaceuticals ASAP.. if you can..Health Question & Answer

You can make a list of all the medications you take and put it in a safe place incase you need it you can also buy medical id bracelets/necklaces and have them customally made is this helpsHealth Question & Answer

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