I have a sore throat and I have to cure it in 5 hours. I have an audition..Help!!?!

Question: I have a sore throat and I have to cure it in 5 hours. I have an audition..Help!!.?
It hurts to swallow and i have to sing to get into this preforming group. I cannot do the audition any other day. The Audition is from 4-6....Help!!!Health Question & Answer

Grapefruit Seed Extract liquid - should be available at a local health food store, if you have one locally.

Put 10 drops in 6 oz of water and gargle, swallow. Should take care of it.

Really works well. If anyone here wakes up with even a hint of a sore throat, they head for the GSE bottle. Never have to do it more than once, but if an infection is suspected, I have them repeat every 4 hours for a day.

NOW - if you don't have a health food store nearby, or it doesn't carry it. You are out of luck for today. Pineapple juice will help soothe temporarily and get you through the audition. But, GET SOME GSE for next time.

No home should be without a bottle of GSE, really. It should be right up there with hydrogen peroxide and aspirin, always keep on hand.

If you can't get it locally, it is a good price here: http://www.iherb.com search for Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract. Choose the smaller bottle, it keeps and you only use a few drops at a time so it lasts a long time. It comes in pill form also, but that isn't as effective as the liquid for sore throat. You can use it for ear infections, yeast infections and fungal infections too. If you get it at iHerb, use coupon code KES097 for $5 off your first time order. (not affiliated, just where I buy from)Health Question & Answer

Gargle with warm salt water, don't talk until the audition and drink warm herbal tea. I like chamomile from celestral seasonings. You may want to spray your throat with an over the counter medication like cepacol but that might affect your voice to much. Drink lots of liquid today. Some believe that 1000 mg of Vitamin C helps during cold/flu season. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

im a former singer from NDDU- IBED and now im in MSU-CETD hs dept. GenSan campus but i dont sing anymore so hopefully i can help

try astingsol...
or pei pacua (chinese medicine)(LONG TERM RELIEF)
or strepsils...
the natural and the most effective...(i think)
boil the ginger and drink the juice...
eat the ginger...
it allowed me to be soar throat- free...just moments before our concert..Health Question & Answer

personal exp.Health Question & Answer

Drink lots of OJ, and try not to talk that much.Health Question & Answer

Had many many sore throats before.Health Question & Answer

Gargle with lots of warm salt water, I hear honey works too. LOTS of water to drink, stay away from dairy products.Health Question & Answer

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