Is biotin 1000 mcg a good enough dosage for my hair growth or should switch to 5000 mg?!

Question: Is biotin 1000 mcg a good enough dosage for my hair growth or should switch to 5000 mg.?
i kno that people are gonna say ''biotin isnt gonna help your hair grow its only gonna make it stronger'' but i want my hair to be alot stronger eventually contributing to hair growth. i have biotin 1000 mcg but im trying to get my hair to my shoulders by the nxt 2 months for my graduation. so should i take a stronger dose or stay at 1000 mcg.?.?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

No, don't supplement with any one of the B complex of vitamins individually but rather as a whole group as they work synergistically (together) ie ~ B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, choline, biotin, inositol, PABA etc.etc..... Biotin (or Vitamin H or Coenzyme R) works synergistically particularly with B2 (Riboflavin), B6 (Pyridoxine), Niacin (Vitamin B3) and vitamin A.

sooooo, yes, Biotin will help with healthy hair but buy is as part of a whole complex.

even better, eat more foods rich in the whole B complex of vitamins such as leafy and green vegies like broccolli, kale, chard, celery, buk choy, wholegrain breads and cereals like rice, organic nuts and seeds like almonds and brazil nuts and sunflower seeds, lean meats and fishes.

the RDI/RDA for Biotin for adults is 100 - 300mcg ....... to supplement with any one of them individually will only serve to throw the balance of all the B complex out of kilter and you'll end up with deficiencies of others in the B complex.

drink more water too if you want lustrous silky long tresses ...... every single cellular function in your body relies on sufficient water .. your digestive system needs it to digest food, your brain needs it to think, your lungs need it to breath, your joints need it for lubrication ....drink 8 glasses of fresh filtered water daily and ditch the sodas, pop and soft drinks if you drink any as they will dehydrate you terribly and wash out all your water soluble B vitamins ........... the B complex is a water soluble complex so any excess that your body doesn't need will simply be excreted in your urine ..... another very good reason not to dose up too much on any single one of them ....... expensive urine.

Other things that will rob you of your precious B complex of vitamins are :- stress, eating too much protein, alcohol, eating too much tinned food and processed sugar and frozen foods, laxatives and diuretics, antiobiotics, antidepressants, penicillin, prednisone and aspirin, otc cold and flu medicines.

a usefull link for you too look at on hair health and water ~

peace baby
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