Is it possible to stop smoking crack cold turkey?!

Question: Is it possible to stop smoking crack cold turkey.?
just willpowerHealth Question & Answer

Yeah but why.? Crack rocks--Health Question & Answer

Yes, with crack it is possible to quit cold turkey. Luckily it doesn't have 'dangerous' withdrawal symptoms.

For example, with heroin, a sudden cessation in use can cause withdrawal symptoms that left untreated, may be fatal.

With crack, the withdrawal symptoms are mostly psychological.

These may include:
Increased appetite
sleep disturbances
emotional volatility

however, even though these are not 'dangerous' in the sense that they will kill you, cocaine (And thus crack) have extremely powerful effects on the 'reward center' of the brain, so quitting is still going to be incredibly difficult.

Good luck.Health Question & Answer

with any drug addiction, you can quit cold turkey if you really want to.

Those sort of drugs alter the persons perspective, if their loved ones tell them too stop, and they say they will, they will hide it, as long as they can still have it.
But if they truly want to quit, then its possible.Health Question & Answer

Best Friends dads experience with drugsHealth Question & Answer

Yes, its possible, however there will be many side-affects (called withdrawal). It will be harder depending on how often you do it, and how long youve been doing it.Health Question & Answer

It is possible to stop anything cold turkey. So YES!Health Question & Answer

sure, with God's help.Health Question & Answer

it depends on what u want in life u have to want to quitHealth Question & Answer

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