Calvepen tabs 666mg???!

Question: Calvepen tabs 666mg.?.?.?
i have being taken calvepen 666mg i feel very sick with them and getting light headackes and run down.... did ye have any side effects.?.? of feel sick with them.?.?Health Question & Answer

This is a brand name for simple penicillin V, it rarely causes nausea or headaches. I can only generalise since you have given no suggestion as to why they were prescribed.

50 to 85% of all antibiotics given for all apparent indications are unnecessary and the symptoms you describe might well be those of a viral illness. If this is the case antibiotics will have no possible advantage anyway.

Since your GP prescribed the tablets, hopefully after he examined you and made some sort of diagnosis, you do need to contact him for advice.Health Question & Answer

GP for more years than I care to rememberHealth Question & Answer

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