Is there any medicine or pill that will help my throat to stop hurting if I'm sick?!

Question: Is there any medicine or pill that will help my throat to stop hurting if I'm sick.?
My throat hurts SO BAD. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

Any kind of pain reliever will work I use something that is extra strength.Health Question & Answer

Does your throat sting whenever you swallow stuff or are you just getting constant pain, can you talk well or does it hurt, you probably have a sore throat which is the usual case, try drinking warm drinks like tea it helps loosen up your throat, if its because of a cold, where warm clothes up to your throat like a scarf to protect it, try not to eat or drink cold stuff, the cold will tighten your throat which will make it worse, the most helpful thing i do is get salt and water mix them together in a cup then stir it then gurgle it, it helped me soo much with my sore throat, if the pain doesnt go away in 3days or more i recommend your parents or a doctor to look at your throats and symptons, msg me bak if u need more helpHealth Question & Answer

doctor in the famliy, books, expierenceHealth Question & Answer

Hot Slippery Elm tea (it coats the throat, and is instantly soothing) with lots of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice (antiseptic) and raw local honey (antibiotic).

Traditional Medicinals makes a good slippery elm tea called

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