What is a natural way to clear my nasal passages?!

Question: What is a natural way to clear my nasal passages.?
i don't want to have to shovel out 100's of dollars every month for flonase or any other over the counter spray.your help is appreciated.Health Question & Answer

For a stuffed or blocked nose, it is best to boil water, put off the flame and put in a leaf of cabbage then using a towel cover the head and inhale the steam. This is a natural decongestant. Try it and let me know.
It is similar to normal steam inhalation, just that you throw in a leaf of cabbage.
One more thing, never use any mentholated balms (which claim to decongest the nasal passage) in boiling water, for inhalation, as it will further precipitate congestion.Health Question & Answer

Vitamin C is a natural decongestant, take 2 (by mouth) 1000mg with a glass of water, 4 or more times a day. If you buy the cheap vitamin C, then you'll have to watch out for bowel tolerance, as it can give you diarrhea. A good health food store has a lot of good C's to choose from.

I used to have a lot of sinus problems (allergies, colds) and the vitamin C has really cured me from almost all of it.

I've also used the salt water flush and it helps too.
I hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

Mix about a teaspoon of salt into a cup of water. Draw that solution up into your nose, then blow it out. Do that a couple of times (you don't have to use the whole cup). You could buy a Neti pot, which is an easier way to do a more thorough job. The pharmacy also sells little bottles of saline solution. Those are the easiest to get into your nasal passages, and the least uncomfortable. You have to buy them but they usually cost much less than meds.Health Question & Answer

Just a plain saline [salt water] rinse or flush is good without using any medications and it's cheap. Cheapest yet--if you live near the ocean, just jump in and snort some water. That'll clean out your nasal passages.Health Question & Answer

sniff water...very uncomfortable but it works!!! ps- you gotta sniff kinda hard! good luckHealth Question & Answer

ive done it!Health Question & Answer

Blow your nose.Health Question & Answer

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