Will spearmint and fennel herbs (in tea) affect my birth control pill?!

Question: Will spearmint and fennel herbs (in tea) affect my birth control pill.?
I can't seem to find very much info. I want to make sure it is safe and that it won't make my birth control pill less effective.?Health Question & Answer

Nope... there's no herb-drug interaction between Mentha spicata (spearmint) or Foeniculum vulgare (fennel) and birth control pills (BCP).

Both of these herbs can be helpful to manage dysmenorrhea (PMS cramps, etc.) And fennel may be very mildly estrogenic (though not significant enough to be additive with BCP, even if you're drinking fennel tea several times a week.)Health Question & Answer

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all i know is that teas with mint and parsley and things like that make your period come earlier so i would think it would affect it.Health Question & Answer

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Ask your pharmacist. They have a program with a database that you can look up interactions and see if it is okay or not.Health Question & Answer

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