What is Calida Silver?!

Question: What is Calida Silver.?
Excessive intake of silver products may result in a condition known as argyria, one symptom of which is blue or gray discoloration of the skin.The discoloration occurs when silver is deposited in the skin and then darkened by sunlight, just as silver particles in photographic film darken when exposed to sunlight. Localized argyria can occur as a result of topical use of silver-containing remedies, while generalized argyria results from the ingestion of colloidal silver. Argyria is usually permanent, and there is no known effective treatment.While argyria is usually benign and limited to skin discoloration, there are isolated reports of more serious neurologic, renal, or hepatic complications. A death has been reported in the medical literature as a result of colloidal silver use; in that case, a 71-year-old man developed status epilepticus which the authors felt was due to silver toxicity.

A number of case reports describe argyria after ingestion of colloidal silver marketed as an alternative-medicine treatment. Colloidal silver may theoretically interact with some medications, including tetracycline and quinolone antibiotics and penicillamine, reducing the effectiveness of those medications.

In August 1999, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned colloidal silver sellers from claiming any therapeutic value for the product, noting that such products were being marketed for numerous diseases without evidence of effectiveness. The FDA also banned over-the-counter sale of drug products containing colloidal silver due to the lack of safety or efficacy data. The product now has the status of a dietary supplement in the US; it can be promoted with general "structure-function" claims, but cannot be marketed as preventing or treating any illness. Following this ruling, the FDA has issued numerous warnings to Internet sites which have continued to promote colloidal silver as an antibiotic or for other medical purposes.

In 2002, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) found that there were no legitimate medical uses for colloidal silver and no evidence to support its marketing claims. Given the associated safety risks, the TGA concluded that "efforts should be made to curb the illegal availability of colloidal silver products, which is a significant public health issue."Health Question & Answer

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think your question should be 'What is Collodial Silver.?' Our family has used it for years! It is a solution of silver in water and is the most wonderful antibiotic in the world! It has healed our family naturally in many ways. My daughter had an ear infection this week and I dropped it into her ears.....she's all better now and even made it to the meeting last night! Do research.....you CAN drink too much so be careful before taking it and you can put it on infection and bacteria.Health Question & Answer

Your Fellow Sister from SC!Health Question & Answer

Did you mean colloidal silver.? It was used prior to 1938 as a antibiotic but if used incorrectly can turn your skin blue and is irreversible. You can read more at http://www.earthclinic.com/Supplements/c... for more info.Health Question & Answer

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