How can I make this weed last two weeks?!

Question: How can I make this weed last two weeks.?
today im picking up a half ounce of og kush for 80 bucks. i wont be getting any more for another two weeks. how can i make it last.?Health Question & Answer

Use a vaporizer. .2 will get u ****** up. and im sorry to tell u if u paid 80 buck for half an o its prob not og kush unless ur just gettin hooked up. and in that case...word.Health Question & Answer

my muthafuckin headHealth Question & Answer

this is quite dangerous but an idea could be lacing it. this is when you spray it with aerosol like mortein hairspray etc.
and let it dry out for a bit i know alot of dealers and most of them do this to make their stuff more effective just be careful though your body may not like it...Health Question & Answer

try and smoke like small amounts because some highs are creepers and you might smoke more than you have to and then it creeps up and youll be zoooooted and smoked more than ya had to.

But yeah try and smoke like only when your about to be sober and just chill out.Health Question & Answer

haha vaporizers are dank. try vitamin C it works for xtc, get a cig buzz. or a gram a day haha thats wierd 14 grams 14 days its like a mission :). or have a buddy match bowls with ya!Health Question & Answer

my muthafukin head - haha nice. im choppedHealth Question & Answer

Get a pipe with a smaller bowl... I find it works because it tricks you into thinking you are smoking more bowls than you actually are, as opposed to if you were smoking big bowls... get what i'm saying.?Health Question & Answer

only smoke at night.
set a time and stick to it.Health Question & Answer

and 4.20 is too early too hehehHealth Question & Answer

When it's all gone (god forbid) cover the bowl with your thumb and take resin hits from the shotgun hole.Health Question & Answer

Easy, don't smoke the ****.Health Question & Answer

buy some chop chop to mix in and pack a billy pothead, then when you're all out drain the bong water and mix the residue with chop chop all over again hahahahaHealth Question & Answer

get out of the house more. you won't be able to smoke as much!Health Question & Answer

u can'tHealth Question & Answer

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