Do Chinese herbs actually work?!

Question: Do Chinese herbs actually work.?
I always wondered if they work and treat medical conditions such as psoriasis..Health Question & Answer

I'm always confused as to whether people think "Chinese herbs" are somehow different from herbs in the rest of the world. ;)

There are many herbs used frequently in Chinese medicine that work beautifully when properly prescribed and dosed.

I would urge you to be wary when buying Chinese PATENT medicines (pre-prepared pills.) The reasons for this are twofold...
1) If you don't read the language, you won't be positive what is in the formulation.
2) There is some risk that patent medicines may be contaminated (typically with lead.) As far as I'm aware, most of these rare cases of contamination tend to be in tablets prepared in Asia and India. The risk results from varying levels of testing/scrutiny among different countries. - This applies to some Ayurvedic pills/tablets/capsules, too.

Read your labels. If the patent is prepared in Canada, the US or Europe, risk of contamination is negligible.

And be aware that qualified practitioners generally know which brands are safe and will be specific when prescribing, so stick to the brand that's recommended. :)Health Question & Answer

Naturopathic DoctorHealth Question & Answer

Yes, they do. They've been used on Chinese people for thousands of years and I really doubt they would have been used anywhere near that long if they didn't work. ;-)

Although for those that want more concrete proof, the traditional Chinese medicines and herbs have been tested through clinical tests and trials over time and they have been shown to help for what they are still listed for today. That's the main reason the FDA allows them to be on the market and have listed benefits.
I'm sure I'll get people arguing that because there are many people who think herbs and supplements aren't tested, but the FDA does require companies making claims on products (eg. that they help with brain health, are good for the skin, etc), they must have documented proof of those claims or the FDA has the right to pull the product, fine the company, and/or to even shut down the company. Normally the latter options are for "repeat offenders" or the ones that blatantly make wild claims (like some of the fly-by-night spamming companies that disappear after a few months).
I hope I helped!Health Question & Answer

Personal research in my role as a Product Specialist for a vitamin company and I've had discussions with our Compliance department (which explained much of that to me)Health Question & Answer

My Grandmother takes some Chinese herbs that her acupuncturist gave to her for head colds and things like that. They seem to work well.

The only way to find out is to try, right.? Maybe go see a Chinese Medicine Doctor and check these things out! Remember, what works for one person might not work for another.

All the best and good luck!Health Question & Answer

Supposedly they do. There was a study about Indigo Naturalis ointment healing psoriasis in 72% of patients done recently. You can google it and read about it.Health Question & Answer

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