Any time in my life that I have been hospitalized, the IV drip has caused me to retain tons of fluid. Why?!

Question: Any time in my life that I have been hospitalized, the IV drip has caused me to retain tons of fluid. Why.?
When I gave birth to my child, I left the hospital weighing more than when I went in to deliver! My feet were so swollen that I couldn't wear my shoes for almost a week. They were NEVER that way while I was pregnant. That was the most dramatic case. Swelling and water weight gain has happened every time I have gotten that Saline drip.

I am guessing that I may be sensitive to salt, but can someone be that sensitive.?!.? I tend to retain alot of fluid if I have eaten out too much.

Thanks for any insight you can give.Health Question & Answer

You have poor circulation. You will have to be careful on long distance flights as the same thing is likely to happen. "Draw the alphabet with your feet"(as if you are holding a pen between you toes and write an imaginary alphabet) as you sit immobile on long distance trips and take a natural diuretic and don't eat salty foods.

The saline drip is only as salty as your blood so I think it was the fact that you have poor circulation and this is exacerbated when you are immobile.Health Question & Answer

Registered nurse.Health Question & Answer

You should talk to your doctor about this, maybe next time they can give you one with a lower sodium content.Health Question & Answer

I personally don't think it's the IV.Health Question & Answer

Rn, BSN for 28yrs.Health Question & Answer

You should get your Aldosterone levels checked. It's responsible for the potassium/sodium balance. I have the opposite problem (hypo) so the more salt I eat the better I feel and I slim out since my body releases the body fluids it retains because my lack of aldosterone means I can't keep sodium which causes me to feel faint (and on recent occasion coma). Hope this helps. one more thing: most doctors dismissed me when I asked for aldosterone test and when I finally convinced them I was told it was normal. I demanded my papers (which they wouldn't give me) and I took them to an alternative doctor who told me I was dangerously low on aldosterone. Google it and you will see. (I also have ear problems [fluid] and it comes from that)Health Question & Answer

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