What is the best home remedy for a stye in the eye?!

Question: What is the best home remedy for a stye in the eye.?
I used to use a tea bag when I would get them. Soak the tea bag in hot water, let it cool.. then place it as close to the stye as possible. I always relieved mine for me.Health Question & Answer

This is an eye disease with a small itching and painful indurative nodule the size of a grain of wheat on the eyelid.


Foot massage: The massage is applied to eye (8), parathyroid gland (13),
lymph nodes (upper body, 39), lymph nodes (abdomen, 40), kidney (22) and liver
(18) reflecting areas (Fig. 109).

Foot acupuncture:
1) At Neiting (ST 44), Zulinqi (GB 41), Diwuhui (GB 42), Xiaxi (GB 43), Zuqiaoyin (GB 44), Shenmai (BL 62), Jinggu (BL 64), Shugu (BL 65), Zhiyin (BL 67), Zhaohai (KI 6), Xingjian (LR 2) and Taichong (LR 3) acupoints, a reducing acupuncture technique is applied and the needles are retained for 20 minutes.
2) Foot acupoints: At Head and face (FA-P 1), Liver (FA-P 9) and Kidney (FA-P 14) acupoints, a moderate acupuncture stimulation is applied and the needles are retained for 20 minutes..?keyword=stye" rel="nofollow">http://tcmdiscovery.com/webtool/inwebres...Health Question & Answer

I used to get them a lot, besides buying the drops at the drug store, I would make chamomile tea, soak a cotton ball, and press it over my eye. Tea has to be warm, I did this several times a day, it would help the stye pop open, just like how a pimple pops, so the white stuff comes out.Health Question & Answer

I know this works Take a wedding ring and slide it across the effected eye starting from the nose side to the end do this as soon as you feel it coming on and it will be fine do it as many times a day as needed The ointments you get are gold based so it makes sense success rate of 80 percent good luckHealth Question & Answer

Colloidal silver has always worked in our family.

A stye is an infection of the eye lid.

If you took 50 to 100 mg of Iodoral a day along with 3000 mg of vitamin C you would probably see the stye go away withing 2 to 4 days.Health Question & Answer

I heard that whole milk helps. Slighty warm it. Use a dropper and drop a few drops in the infected eye.Health Question & Answer

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