Folk remedys you want to share?!

Question: Folk remedys you want to share.?
What are your favorite folk remedies that really work.?
Mine was the tobacco on a bee sting to stop the burning.Health Question & Answer

I am not sure what 'Folk Remedy means, but I have heard that Chest rub between the toes can be good for foot fungus although my doc or other docs said this is not helpful, but I love how it has helped me, I will get the official word when I see my foot doc, but I wanted to make it clear that this is not a stuffed shirt who said this since its not a RX and its cheap and I am sure many will agree, I like the hot ice under my feet and not the chest rub under my feet and so I will get that when I can to help my feet feel better since I hate the pain and I like much less pain.Health Question & Answer

A man who talks about health benefits said this and my mom said she heard this and I didn't hear this first and I love this for my experience. I know the docs want people to take drugs and I try to avoid this when possible. I love the safer and more healthier versions and cheaper. I am NOT a doc, so you don't have to agree.Health Question & Answer

I put a watermelon on the porch it keeps the bears away.Health Question & Answer

Feed a cold, starve a fever.Health Question & Answer

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