Im thinking of trying therabreath and the activ k-12 probiotics.?!

Question: Im thinking of trying therabreath and the activ k-12 probiotics..?
Hey ive been thinking of trying out the therabreath products but i wanna make sure that it works, so is there anyone here that have tried the therabreath products including the activ k-12 probiotics please tell me if its good or not.Health Question & Answer

hi, yes I've tried Harold Katz's Therabreath products. I've actually been using it for about a year now, and it works good. I dont know about "Great", but it works for me.

It definetly helps with bad breath, it doesnt eliminate it completely, but its hands down the best stuff on the market.

For me, I figured out that my Bad Breath came from my Digestive system, but the situation might be a little different for you.

Give it a try buddy, much better than that Colgate and Crest stuff.Health Question & Answer

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