Natural or holistic methods to overcome spring allergies?!

Question: Natural or holistic methods to overcome spring allergies.?
It's "Spring Fever"... Ahh ~ choo!

My allergies have been bugging me almost every morning. I'm trying to avoid OTCs like Claritin or Benadryl and would rather opt for more natural alternatives that wouldn't give me any side-effects.

Any suggestions.?Health Question & Answer

Ahh ~ choo .?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?
take ginger as a tea 3 times per day
a very small cup
(it will cure your body from cold and its a natural antibiotic)
you can add honey or lemon or both to you taste
(but if you have hypertension dont take it)
take natural mint leaves a a night infusion (dont boil it )
it will have effect on your nasal congestion
put salt diluted in warm water in your nose

avoid diary product - sugar - flour
eat greeneryHealth Question & Answer

Well, a big part of the answer depends on what type of allergies it is. The OTC drugs prevent your body from reacting to most any allergies because they prevent the reaction (which is natural and healthy to have the reaction). With supplements and herbs, they can only encourage your body to do something healthy, not prevent a normal reaction, so you would have to look at making the part of the body that's having the reaction healthier.
What I mean is that if you are sneezing a lot or having sinus congestion, you'd want to look at sinus health, whereas if it was breathing trouble, you'd want to look at lung health. Although on the flip side of that (since you mentioned holistic), there are Homeopathic options available that help how your body's immune system responds to allergens, which would also be a healthy way. There are a few of those options available.

As for the rest, if it is your sinuses that bother you, one of the best things I've found to help that is a Neti Pot that you can get in most drug stores or health food stores... it kind of looks like a small watering pot for plants. What you do is put a Saline solution (a 1% salt water solution... it's easy to make) in it, tip your head sideways over the sink, and pour the solution into one nostril so it can pour out the other.
It takes a few tries to get used to, but if you use it once a day, the salt water helps to clean and nourish your sinus cavities and actually helps to keep sinus problems away if it's used daily.

If it's more of respiratory or breathing issues, I've seen a lot of benefits come from a combination of Quercetin and Bromelain. There are a few other herbs like Black Cohosh among others that can help as well, but those two have shown the most benefits for the most people.
The only side effects of any of these would be allergies... Quercetin is from citrus fruits and Bromelain is from Pineapple. Good luck and I hope I helped!Health Question & Answer

Personal experience and personal research in my role as a Product Specialist for a vitamin companyHealth Question & Answer

Allergies are various types. What ever it may be but the reason is your body has low immunity, i.e., once body cannot fight the allergenes which enters the body in different sources. This is due to lack of proper nutrition in once diet. Take a look at for more info.Health Question & Answer

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the company Hyland's makes an allergy medicine that is great. it's homeopathic, and not that expensive, worth a try!Health Question & Answer

I recommend the Neti Pot also, it has helped me greatly. You can google and find out all the info.Health Question & Answer

One of the easiest ways to fight seasonal allergies is to consume raw local honey.Health Question & Answer

I use a recipe with essential oils and lemon juice that works great as it helps clean out the liver.Health Question & Answer

Eyebright, cayenne, plantain, etc. Cayenne powder and plantain work very fast!Health Question & Answer

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