OK, I find "Natural" underarm deoderants do not work?!

Question: OK, I find "Natural" underarm deoderants do not work.?
Can I get a witness.?.?

If there are any that work, give me the 411...Health Question & Answer

None of that stuff works, and I've tried it all. The worst health food store deodorant I ever tried smelled like apricots and then I spent a whole day smelling like apricots and sweat. It was so gross.

The rock salt thing didn't work for me either. I'm telling you, deodorant purchased at the health food store does not ever work.

I've heard baking soda rubbed under the arms works, but to me I just think that sounds messy and gross.

These days, I just use regular old deodorant and hope it doesn't kill me.Health Question & Answer

If your problem is sweating than you can use rubbing alcohol under your arm pits. Just wet a cleansing pad with rubbing alcohol and wipe your underarms a few times. You need to do this a few times throughout the day when you first start and then after awhile you can just do it once in the morning and you should be fine. If your problem is smelling, do the alcohol, let it dry and then try the Kiss My Face deodorant, works for me.Health Question & Answer

you've tried the crystal.? did you put it on after you got out of the shower.? that's the best time to apply it....hmm. have you tried the Tom's of Maine, they make really good deodorants. also they make a liquid crystal deodorant that is good, buy Jason's i believe.Health Question & Answer

health food store employeeHealth Question & Answer

I love Tom's of Maine. It really works. Remember that a deodorant is only for odor, not for perspiration. There is nothing natural for that.Health Question & Answer

You'll have to buy proper deodorant thenHealth Question & Answer

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