Vicodin and face burning?!

Question: Vicodin and face burning.?
I have been taking vicodin for the past year now. When I first start taking them they help the pain. I broke my shoulder. And I have really bad head aces. But now within the past week my face started to burn on one side. I take 2 to 3 pills per day, when i have pain. Do anyone know why my face is like it is burning on one side. Like i said it just started about 1 week ago. also I am a type 2 diabetes. I just found that out in february of this year. So do anyone know what is going on.

Thank for all your answers.
Mary r.Health Question & Answer

I have taken alot of vicodin in my life and I don't think your face burning has anything to do with it. It doesn't sound like you have a problem with it either,if you only take 2 or 3 a day.
Honestly advil is much better for a headache and vicodin no longer work if you take them everyday because you build up a tolerance so fast.(I use to take 15 a day) because obviously I developed a little taste for them.
Your face burning on one side,is of concern though and you should see your doctor right away, I don't know anything about diabetes,you may want to check on web md and go to the symptom checker while your waiting to see your doctor,it's really great at helping you pin point what could be the cause of this. Good Luck...Health Question & Answer

Before you freak out, please read this through, and think on this!! Is there anything you have done in the past that God would say is a sin.?.? See, when you do, you give place "legal right" to the devil to mess with your life. The devils only job on earth is to "steal, kill, and destroy". Sounds to me like he only has one more to go. The possibility also is there for generational things to come forward.Do you read, and study your Bible daily.?.? If not, I would!! And pray, then pray some more, ask God to show you if and where the issue is. My recommendation would be to seek out a biblical based deliverance ministry. Any "good" Bible book store will assist you in this.
May God grant you wisdom, and knowledge in your situation, and guide you to the proper folks to help you through this, Thank You Father. In Jesus Name AmenHealth Question & Answer

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