How do you cure a sore throat? and a cough....or help it get better?!

Question: How do you cure a sore throat.? and a cough....or help it get better.?
I have a sore throat, and its been sore for 2 days...
And i have a really bad cough, and a cold.

Is there anyway to make it better.?

also does drinking liquid (( i dont mean drugs or anything, i mean juice or water )) help the sore throat.? If so, what kinda of drink.?

or if any other drink helps, a cough or cold. What kind.Health Question & Answer

Drink - lemon, honey and fresh ginger with hot water
lemon - vitamin C helps fight infection and clears the system
honey - has antiseptic qualities
ginger - draws out the illness

Eat foods with plenty of onions and garlic.

Other herbs that will help depend on the nature of the cough. Ecinachea is good for sore throats and so is white horehound.

At night, put a bowl of boiling water in your room with a few drops of eucalyptus oilHealth Question & Answer

Stay warm;
Stay away from anyone who is coughing or sneezing or who you know is generally not feeling 100%;
Rest your body as much as you can - so don't exercise until you are fully fit;
THROAT SPRAY! It is very good and it actually works! - a lot of brands are reliable so go to the chemist and ask her/him to recommend one;
Throat lozengers to sooth your throat;
also Lemsip Max is very good for colds and stuff like that :)

As for drinks, my Mum always makes me a hot ribena/blackcurrant juice and honey drink. It really soothes your throat and it tastes nice too :)
To make:
1) Make up a normal Blackcurrant drink (the cordial), and instead of using cold water use hot water boiled from the kettle.
2) Put in a few teaspoons of honey, (about 2 or 3ish - you can vary it if you want, but remember it may get quite strong if too many!)
3) Mix it well so no honey is left settled at the bottom.
4) Wait to cool a bit and drink. - If you don't want to wait for long then you can add a tiny bit of cold water so it cools quicker. Not too much because it is the heat aswell that will soothe your throat.
also tea is good too - but not coffee.

Hope you feel better soon!Health Question & Answer

okay herbal sore throat tea is great, and honey is good too but wow i tried this smoothie and it no joke cured in in thirty minutes. I was amazed. Its called C-Boost by the brand Bolthouse farms. I found it in the produce section next to the Odewalla brand drinks. It has a really good taste too and tons of vitamins.Health Question & Answer

here are some home remedies that REALLY works:

Drinking Honey/lemon tea
Drinking lots of FRESH Orange juice
A great great soup is chicken noodle soup... lots of chicken stockings, and fresh veggies ... a GREAT natural antibiotic is white turnip.. just slice it up , and mix it with the soup ... just like adding carrots, celery and other veggies to the soup!
Dark chocolate (cocoa) is good too i hear....
Gargle salt/ water mix , it really kills the bacteria in the throatHealth Question & Answer

Drink tons of water and orange juice!!
also, take cold-eez they are kind of expensive, but worth every penny! Cold-eez are amazing for sore throats!!Health Question & Answer

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