Can alternative medical doctors wear jewelery?!

Question: Can alternative medical doctors wear jewelery.?
Like rings. Im considering becoming one and don't know if they can wear them. also if a alt. med doctor wore a ring with a cat design would you mind.? or would you think it was un-proffesional.?Health Question & Answer

Sure, why not.? As long as it doesn't interfere with any tests you may run or insult any of your patients, there is not a problem wearing jewelery. I also know a few "natural doctors" (mostly Chiropractors) who wear magnetic or pressure point based jewelery. Heck, many of the doctors I have been to wear various types of jewelery, so to say that someone couldn't wear a particular kind could be seen as discrimination.

As long as the ring (bracelet, or whatever else you'd like to wear) doesn't interfere with any of your practice, there should be no problem at all. Good luck in your studies!Health Question & Answer

Personal experience and personal researchHealth Question & Answer

just take it off what's the big deal.Health Question & Answer

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