How much morphine does it take to kill a person?!

Question: How much morphine does it take to kill a person.?
With no tolerance to it.? Not going to do anything I was just wondering because my friend has been talking about doing it and I don't want her to get hurt..she's about 140 lbs and she has smoked weed in the past and has taken morphine but only on the weekends. She takes about 60 mg every weekend. But what could get her in the hospital.? DO NOT TELL ME ADVICE.. I DON'T WANT IT. I JUST WANT THE ANSWER TO MY QUESTION. thank you very much.Health Question & Answer

morphine SUCKS when tkaing orally.. you dont even get high unless you take a large dose. which can be life threatening.

if she is taking kadian, it is extended release morphine and it can build up over time..Health Question & Answer

i know pretty much everything about all kinds of opiates.Health Question & Answer

A single dose could kill someone....... it definitely depends on the person (height, weight, tolerance....)...
Despite your not wanting advice, morphine is not something to mess around with.....Health Question & Answer

why would you need to know... unless you're a doctor or a hitman trying to cut costs because of the recession. anyways it varies some people have larger frames and need moreHealth Question & Answer

Doubling the dose 120mg could put her in the hospital or death.Health Question & Answer

.000000000000000000000000000000000000000... mgHealth Question & Answer

that isn't enough she needs more than double that, btw tell her parents if your a good friendHealth Question & Answer

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