How do i tell my dad im a stoner?!

Question: How do i tell my dad im a stoner.?
ok so im 14 and im a stoner. my dad knows that i smoke but he only thinks i smoke on the weekends.
the truth is that im stoned 24/7 i cant go one day without smokin a bowl and i dont know how to tell my dad i smoke so muchHealth Question & Answer

If he already knows you smoke leave it at that dude...

Just keep toking up & enjoy being young.Health Question & Answer

Stoner.Health Question & Answer

seriously hun ....... do you really believe that he doesn't already know.?.? that's prolly why he continues to comment on how you really don't smoke that much ..... yeah, he would be disappointed that you smoke but i reckon he'll be more disappointed that you haven't actually put your hand up and asked him for help over it ...... cos when you think about it ....... if you can't tell your mom or dad something .... the people who love you the most in the whole wide world ..... who can you tell .?.?.? just tell him luv ....... if i were your dad i'd bend over backwards to help you without judging you........ that's what moms and dad are supposed to do ........ that what luv is ....... making it right without judging.

luv is enough.

peace baby
?Health Question & Answer

naturopath in training
mommy of 3Health Question & Answer

smoking is injurious to health.
ur dad's concern,for ur good health and very bright future without any disease like cancer of lungs, is quite reasonable and natural.Every parent wishes the same.
It is left to ur adolescent discretion, which is not matured, to impose self-control on smoking instead of worrying about his rightful concern for his child. anyways good luck to u with the hope that better counsel shall prevail upon u in this matterHealth Question & Answer

www,saioam.comHealth Question & Answer

This is why children should not be allowed to smoke marijuana, they do not know when enough is enough. This is why legalization is so close but still so very, very far.

Just flat out tell him, "I smoke pot everyday." And maybe he will help you with your problem.

Best of luck.Health Question & Answer

He Probbably Knows...If He Knows u Blaze It During The Weekends I Think He Could Tell That You Smoke It Everyday...To Anserw Your Question You Should Just Go Up To Your Dad And Tell Em Hey You Know Tha I Dont Blaze It Over The weekends Anymore I Do It Frequently Now....Health Question & Answer

weed all day. i feel you on the 24/7 thing man. that's all i do.

ask him if he wants to blow a rillo with you. discuss the matter while doing so.Health Question & Answer

You have to tell him sometime. I know it might be hard, but he can help you. You really need to try to stop that. You're just 14. That's really a problem.Health Question & Answer

That sucks, I only smoke like every other week.
Either tell him you need help so you can stop smoking in general or so much..Health Question & Answer

when you tell him say you need help (as you clearly do) and he may be a bit more willing to helpHealth Question & Answer

Why would you want to tell him. Ignorance is bliss.Health Question & Answer

i don't know, I'd weigh the consequences. Do you really wanna get yourself into drama right now.?Health Question & Answer

uhhh why do you want to.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

Just say it LOLHealth Question & Answer

"dad, I'm a stoner."Health Question & Answer

you dontHealth Question & Answer

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