How exactly do you use a bong?!

Question: How exactly do you use a bong.?
I've tried using a bong at my friends house, & I know you have to make the water bubble, but every time I ended up having water overflow out of the top, what am I doing wrong.?Health Question & Answer

Pour maybe 1 cup of water into your bong (for a moderate sized bong), and that should be enough, add more if you think it doesn't look like enough. As for inhaling, do not inhale really hard, inhale very slowly so it's barely making the "bubble" noise, and then inhale a little faster to clear your hit. has a forum with some pictures of bongs, they also might have a few threads that might help better answer your question.

Happy smoking.Health Question & Answer

lmao nice question.
well first you're putting
too much water. so put
about a few centimetres.
and light the weed and
wait a few seconds then
suck. it shudnt over flow.
i dont do weed. ive tried it. but
i only know cuz i have some
friends who sell it and smoke it XDHealth Question & Answer

friendsHealth Question & Answer

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